Friday, 30 October 2015

A Strategy cannot run a short distance

Strategy is the one word in Corporate that is being used & misused by individuals in their own ways. A highlight of these mis/interpretations to me is, when it is used for a plan. There are many more such examples. However, there is a catch here: Even if people use the word strategy for various other distorted reasons & meanings but still can strategize & achieve what they want to, perhaps, word meaning should not count much. But, reality is far from this?

I have come across organisations which could not distinguish between their present and future needs and; strategize around  them. Mere focusing on the present may give you short term profit; but believe me “A strategy cannot run a short distance”. The strategy has a soul and a body – something to be seen now and something to seen then - the future. Aptly defined “It’s fundamentally the movement of an organisation from its present position to a desirable but inherently uncertain future position. The path from here to there is both analytical and behavioural.”

Organisations fail on “behaviour” more often than not. Short run success, better balance sheet, squeezing the present, maximum profit is what they aim and primarily companies do; leaving no room for future and building its behaviour. It seems to me; knowingly companies are being created for ‘now’. Market is also supporting it today as e-commerce companies are created and sold routinely. Reason for this, no time and efforts are being made to make an ‘Organisational behaviour’ that gives a longer perspective and regular returns to shareholders.

While laying down a strategy, more and more emphasis is given to what to do, without giving any direction on what not to do to achieve end goals. Organisational predisposition should be around ‘what not to do’ equally as a behavioural perspective of its culture. Majority of organisations however, do it other way round. That’s the reason perhaps there are only a few companies which are in the market for a longer period.

It is well accepted notion around that behaviour is not built overnight. So, sow the seed of behaviour & water it regularly and wait patiently to get the results. Don’t, uproot the plant and check its roots.

Lastly, whenever an organisation is laying down its strategy for creating everlasting business, equal importance be given to  culture besides factors like where to play & how to play- a mere analytical in nature. Remember, analytical factors are easily copied & pasted by competitors but extremely difficult to do it for a behaviour. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

PAPPA: Discover it in you, to succeed against all Odds

In this cut-throat environment wherein anyone and everyone aims for success, getting success at last is what one should look for. Nevertheless, the success differs from person to person.  Some seeks solace in financial success and some look for spiritual or like that in their life. But, one thing is quite clear that one cannot sit idle and has to look for success coming one’s way. Success has to be planned, efforts are to be made. Real, sensible efforts.

In my eyes, success is generally aimed for, without choosing its direction. The decision where people generally struggle is in taking a decision. Aimlessly, as the world makes some float and look for success, people in mass you may find around. This will not let one even inch closer to the success, one desires for.

In Indian context, collective wisdom, sprinkled with parents and well-wishers at large defines the direction for people in mass, without realising capabilities and interest of people. Perhaps, main reason for not letting individuals plan for themselves in their life is this application of collective wisdom.

Everyone has the potential to drive oneself, only thing required is the ignition to light it. In the moments when you're in touch with your inner strength and wisdom, the part of you that can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, it seems that anything is possible and I believe it is. Figure out what is important and dream for it.  As rightly quipped by our Late President APJ Abdul Kalan, “Dream is not what you see in sleep, but is the thing that doesn't let you sleep.” Get the time for your dream, responsibility lies on oneself. We tell ourselves that we want to spend time on the important things of life, but there never is any time.

Fact of the life is that life slips by and our most meaningful dreams slide silently to the side while we're getting everything else done.  At any point in life, age does not matter, whether you're young or old, this issue can keep us from doing what matters most. Worse yet, we don't have all the time in the world to get back on track. Life goes quickly and more so with every passing moment. Awake, arise and do solemnly achieve your dream.
If the purpose of life is to contribute to the happiness and well-being of self, family and society and do not procrastinate your getting down to your vision for self. As I remember, one evening sitting alone in quite, serene environment, introspecting; surprisingly got to know it was my PAPPA which made me achieve whatever I could, till date. This PAPPA is very different from biological Pappa. This PAPPA for me is – Passion, Ambition, Perseverance, Personal Values and Adaptability.
Instead of looking at what one has or does not; instead of cribbing about reality around - write a vision for your life; because if you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there. And besides, the best way to develop your gifts and talents is to really use them.
Guiding factor to personal vision is to know what the purpose of life is. People tend to think of this as one of life's greatest mysteries. But the good news is that you already know the answer. It's not as if you have to come up with something new or feel guilty because you've been purposeless up till now. Just give yourself a bit of time to think and it will reveal itself. Self-discovery will let you come across limitless opportunities to fulfil your purpose every day.
Mind it, ‘your life purpose, as distinct from your goals, is ongoing and never-ending. It's the context for all that you do and for the goals that you set for yourself’.
What's great about knowing your purpose is that you can consciously act in accordance with it. And one thing I know for sure, the more I'm wasting time doing things that don't really matter, the more I suffer; and the more I live in alignment with my purpose, the greater my happiness and satisfaction.
One of the most important points to remember is that your purpose is not something you’re going toward or want to achieve nor a destination. Rather, it has the potential to shape whatever you do in every moment. It's the journey, not the destination that brings the joy.

Get up, look at your PAPPA and begin the journey- future is shining out there in the sky.