Saturday, 1 April 2017

What made you Successful, will make you Fail

I came across an article which runs like this:
Many businesspeople aspire to be as rational, data-driven and deliberate as possible in every action. Nonetheless, everyone has habits, biases, behaviors and thought patterns that have become second nature. These instincts are, of course, grounded in experience. If something has worked for you in the past, you are likely to keep doing it.”
Is it something new? I will say No. We see it happening around daily but most of the times we can’t do much. Reason – ABILENE PARADOX.
So, I feel it is not the Team which can make a Leader fail but his own habits, biases, behaviors and thought patterns.
Perhaps, ‘Thoughtfulness’ is the only medicine to this disease. Business People who once get success following a path need to look for a different path to remain successful. Biases - the most common shackles need to be broken- not easy, but must to take care of organization’s health & life.
Proven now, experience does not provide any guarantee for success. It is losing its sheen, reason -  every business is moving away from routine, repeat activities. Even in repeat activities, one has to be creative and undefined to create Value.