Saturday, 18 June 2016

Realisation: The art of knowing Self

Nature and nurture influence human beings. I heard this first time in my school when my teacher asked me to speak on it in a debate. I did not understand about these two words at all at that point in time, but could speak well whatever was told me. Got public applause, too. Destiny was not leaving me behind not to understand it. In my Genetics class in college later, I was theoretically and practically taught the importance of - nature and nurture. As said, incidents repeat themselves in one’s life, when same was asked by my professor of Psychology in one of the classes. The incident ran for me for more than 3 hours wherein I was supposed to tell me “Who am I”. I said and said and said repeatedly without know about what all realisation is, unconvincingly but un-tirelessly, who I was. Finally, I could not succeed in convincing my professor. I failed. Failed miserably.

But the lesson that was taught  to me directly by my professor and what I learnt indirectly  left me perplexedand  knowing that I don't know who am I? Incident left a mark on my mind. So,  whenever I got chance to know about 'myself',  I tried hard.  But I learnt eventually,  deftly who this myself in me is. 

Thoughts once in your mind, never leaves you. And, incidents repeat themselves as said above.

Recently, I was giving a lecture on Relationship to a heterogeneous group of professionals from a very large organisation.  Interestingly, while speaking on the subject, I found people in the room were least interested to know about the subject but became more interested to know about REALISATION, as I was referring to it time & again.

I later thought to share my views to my readers & followers through this blog.

Let’s look around, people at different stage of life are busy with one or other profession to earn their livelihood to survive, without having realisation about themselves. They however, interestingly use the words: I-ME-MINE-MYSELF repeatedly without dropping the hat. To me, they do not understand the real meaning of these words and therefore are aloof to realisation.

I could see there is a relationship between I-ME-MINE, but myself is quite different than these three words. It is the epitome of the I-ME-MINE.

‘I’ that is 'Emotional - self',  denotes the state of mind. It therefore makes one drive to look for ways and means to survive. The nature has supported it and therefore has built the ‘Old Brain’ first which is full of emotions. Fear- the basic emotion is the emotion which makes one survive. It primarily entails physical self in the mind . What a person believes about self.

‘Me’ that is 'Biological - self',  on the other had conveys about self-belief of one’s existence. All biological systems and activities inside a human body, makes one think of ‘thyself’ every other moment. Hunger, thirst and pain are prominent in making it happen. You remove these three from human body, ‘me’ will be lost, as these provide support to ‘physical self’.

‘Mine’ that is 'Relationship - self',  the last in three, exhibits worldly possession of existence.  May be relationship also comes under this category. It is most easy to understand. It tells more and more about relationship with living and non-living things.

Then comes ‘MYSELF’. Undoubtedly, the most difficult of to understand, but most commonly misused while narrating about oneself. And, this is the seat of REALISATION. 

Myself, does not display any relationship with I-ME-MINE. It is the source of these three which primarily depict existence. Nature and nurture come hear handy to know thyself- discreetly one-by-one. Nature has given you various emotions and the thinking brain. Emotions as read by thinking brain help in making one, MYSELF. Reading emotions although depends on new brain, the new brain gets its energy from old brain through five senses. How one treats all these senses to trigger emotions either naturally by being in a certain environment, makes his/her –MYSELF.

Yes, certain techniques and heuristic comprehension can make one know about his/her ‘Myself’.


Realisation is external depiction of ‘Myself’.

In organisations, people come for I-ME-MINE and this throws up challenges of dis-engagement or partial engagement. Organisations do try various ways and means to increase engagement by they end up increasing their I-ME-MINE. This worsens the situation further.

The need of the day is to make people realise about themselves, in other words to make them know about their individual ‘Myself’ which is very distinct to I-ME-Mine and needs very different interventions.

Leaders need to bring in unique and unheard interventions to make it happen.  These interventions could be blend of GENETICO-PSYCHO-ENVIRONMENTAL in nature.

Lets come together to make REALISATION a reality.


  1. The relationship between I-ME-Mine is well explained. Your blog takes me back to fifty years when I was asked first time to describe "my-self." It took me several hours to describe myself at that time.Even then it was not close to satisfactory or realistic answer. I agree that self-realization is need of the hour for managers.

  2. Thanks Dr Rao. It needs thin slicing of interpretation of self.Understandably, very difficult task for people around

  3. This article has helped me to see the new angle of Employee Engagement. It is like organisation takes actions based on employees feedback but does employee actually know what they want. If one is not clear what they want then how it can be sustained or developed. Thank you sir for providing me new concept.
    Chirag Savajiyani